About tabinator.com

During the first COVID-19 lockdown I rediscovered my passion for writing songs. I lost track of it for almost 10 years. With having time and various string instruments at my hand I was pretty motivated. However, I soon realised that not much has improved during the last 10 years regarding guitar-notation software. Where can I write down my ideas, so I don't forget them? I used Tuxguitar, but was not really satisfied with it. Guitar Pro seemed a bit too expensive to me and also the latest version seemed too bloated with features that I don't need.

So I started thinking about creating a new tool. To me ease of use and quick feedback are most important. My instrument should be the main tool. The notation software should support me to easily keep my ideas. I want to have access to it independent of the device that happens to be next to me. And I want to be able to share ideas with fellow musicians easily. So a browser based app seemed most natural.

After various failed attempts here it finally is. An easy to use, free, browser based guitar tablature notation app: tabinator.com